How to Use a Sticker Maker

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Learn how to use a sticker maker. Making your own stickers is so easy with a sticker maker. It turns printer paper into sticker paper in minutes.

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In this tutorial, I’m showing how I made planner stickers, but you can make any kind of sticker with this technique.

Other ideas for use are: stickers from artwork, kids art, photos, labels, and gift tags!

How to Use a Sticker Maker

Supplies Needed:

I use the Xyron Creative Station, which I really like. Xyron also makes smaller machines that are disposable, but can only handle paper up to 5″ or 7″. I wanted a machine that was able to use whole sheets of paper.

I love that you can change out the sticker cartridge to laminate stuff without electricity. I volunteer at my daughter’s school and the lamination process is serious stuff. So, I appreciate how simple this machine is.

xyron creative station sticker maker

“Machine” isn’t quite the right word because these xyron machines aren’t electrical. There’s a crank that you use to move the paper through the machine.


  1. Open the front of the machine.
  2. Slide the paper in. Move it to the left side.
  3. Use the crank to roll the paper through. close up of sticker maker making planner stickers
  4. If I’m making more than 1 sheet of stickers, I leave a small gap in between the papers.
  5. When the paper is all the way through, use the paper cutter to cut the sticker paper layer. close up of sticker making cutting the paper
  6. Take the paper out and smooth it to make sure the paper is secured to the sticker paper.sticker sheet made with sticker maker
  7. Remove the clear plastic layer and use scissors to cut the stickers apart. You can also use a paper cutter where possible. DIY stickers for planner

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