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Easy Tips and Tricks for Bathroom Closet Organization

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Learn my tips for bathroom closet organization. For more organizing inspiration, check out my post about the KonMari method.

When we first bought this house, we were surprised to learn that we even had a bathroom closet. It’s the first house that we’ve ever lived in with one, so I was excited to have one. But after almost 5 years, the bathroom closet was a mess. It was definitely time to declutter and organize. Read my tips and tricks for bathroom closet organization.

organized bathroom closet

As with my other organizing posts, this process isn’t about it being beautiful. I want a functional space. The pretty stuff can come later. I used the containers that I had on hand, which I highly recommend doing first. You will be left with more baskets than stuff after purging, so wait to purchase pretty containers.

Bathroom Closet Organization Tips and Tricks

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Bathroom Closet Before

messy bathroom closet before

There wasn’t even space to put the towels. Everything was a mess. My husband was sick one night and I had to dig through the mess to try and find medicine for him.

The Process

My bathroom is small, so I emptied one shelf at a time and went through everything. Only replace the items you are keeping.

Things to toss:

  • Things I wouldn’t use again
  • Expired products
  • Sample products
  • Empty (or near empty) containers
  • Old cleaning supplies that are gross
  • Stained towels
  • Small appliances that don’t work or aren’t used anymore (razors, hair dryers, etc.)
  • Dried up or separated nail polish
  • Bath and Body Works products from 2010

Due to the nature of these products, there wasn’t much to donate. It can feel awful to throw so much stuff away, but I just wanted it out of my house. Once you let go of that guilt, it’s so much easier to declutter your space.

Sort into Categories

Everything that I kept was were sorted into the following categories:

  • Skin Care
  • Face Care
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Hair care
  • Medicine / First Aid
  • Hair dye stuff
  • Makeup
  • Travel sized toiletries
  • Cotton balls, etc

As you work, take notes of things that you want to replace. For me, that was our towels. Five years of well water has not been kind to white towels. (In the next few weeks, I’m doing a mini bathroom makeover on a budget, so keep an eye out for that.)

Bathroom Closet After

After photo of organized bathroom


Everything has a place now.

bathroom closet after

To be honest, I was a bit too generous with the hair care products. I’m growing our my short hair and I’m not sure what I will want to use once it’s longer. This space will definitely have to be gone through again, but the majority of it is done.

closet organization in bathroom

Like I said, my bathroom closet organization may not pretty, but it functions. And now that it is organized, all I have to do is buy the correct number of matching baskets! The hard part is already done.


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