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Make Your Own Holiday Gift Tags!

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Make your own holiday gift tags! This process is pretty quick and easy, but if you need something even easier, check out my printable gift tags. 

During present wrapping sessions, it never fails that I run out of gift tags. Luckily, they’re pretty easy to make. And the tags can be used in many ways! I use this same method to make tags for the stamped jewelry that I make for my vintage booth.

make your own holiday gift tags

Make Your Own Holiday Gift Tags

tag hole punch and washi tape

Supplies Needed 

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Make the Tags

  1. Use the tag maker punch to make the tags on a sheet of cardstock. use tag punch on cardstock
  2. Maximize the paper by punching 3 tags along each side of the cardstock.tags punched in card stock
  3. Then, cut away the tag leftovers to get the center part of the cardstock.Cut leftover tag part away to get to center of paper
  4. Use the tag maker punch to get 3 more tags from the center of the paper.
  5. Insert the tags to punch the holes.tag maker punches the holes too

tags ready to be decorated

Decorate the Holiday Gift Tags

  1. Use a stamp to stamp “To and From”. My “To and From” stamp came in a holiday stamp kit, but alphabet stamps would work as well. Or you could even write it out.
  2. Place the clear stamp onto a stamp block.stamp on clear stamp block
  3. Apply ink to the stamp.ink on stamp
  4. Press the stamp to the paper.press stamp on tag
  5. Repeat these steps for each tag.
  6. When the ink it dry, you can start embellishing the tags. I start by applying a piece of washi tape that is too large for the space. Be sure to leave room to write.apply washi tape to tag
  7. Add more washi tape as desired.
  8. Use scissors the cut along the edge of the tags.cut excess washi tape away
  9. Add ties to the tags if desired. Cut a 6″ piece of baker’s twine and tie it to the gift tags.tie bakers twine through hole to make a loop

holiday gift tags

Now, I just need to finish all of my Christmas shopping! (Looking for some creative gift ideas? I’ve got you covered!)

holiday gift tag on present

Other Holiday Gift Tag Ideas

  • Use colored or printed card stock
  • Use stamps to decorate the gift tags.
  • Glue pieces of scrapbook paper to the tags to make designs.
  • Cut the shapes from sticker paper instead.

christmas gift tags

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make your own holiday gift tags

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