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The Best Affordable Unfinished Basement Light Fixtures

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These affordable light fixtures are perfect for unfinished basement ceilings. Whether you have a single light fixture or several light fixtures, here are some options that are more interesting than standard boob lights.

When I was choosing light fixtures for my basement, I chose really simple lighting. However, there are some prettier options for unfinished basement light fixtures.

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Choosing Lighting for an Unfinished Basement

light fixtures in exposed basement ceiling

Things to Consider When Choosing a Light Fixture for Your Basement

There are many things to consider when choosing light fixtures for a basement.

In unfinished basement ceilings, recessed or flush mount fixtures work best. Semi-flush might work if your ceiling a bit higher.

Here are some other things to think about.

Your Ceiling Height

Lower ceiling heights require smaller fixtures. Higher ceilings can get away with slightly larger light fixtures.

How Many Light Fixtures Do You Have?

If you only have a single fixture in your room, you’re going to want lighting with more than one bulb.

However, if you have several light fixtures in your room, a single bulb fixture will work best and keep the lighting from being too overpowering.

Use of Room

How you plan on using the room will determine how much light to add. A craft room or laundry room needs more lighting than a media room or a bedroom, even.

Darker rooms can get away with the lighting with interesting cage globes. These globes are gorgeous, but can cast distracting shadows in rooms where light quality is a must.

Desired Mood for Room

How do you want your room to feel? For my craft room, I need it to feel bright and inspiring. However, I want my media room to feel dark and moody.

Style of Room

The light fixture style should complement the style of your room. Luckily, there are many choices available in a variety of styles.

Existing Natural Light

Basement rooms with existing natural light may not require as much lighting as a room without windows.

Flush Mount Fixtures for a Basement

These lighting choices are perfect for an unfinished basement ceiling. The flush mount fixtures are perfect for the lower ceiling height of a basement.

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