The Best Chalk Paint Brush for Furniture

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The best paint chalk paint brush can really make painting furniture easier!

Chalk paint behaves differently than latex paint, so it only seems natural that you would need a different brush. Read more about my favorite brush to use with chalk paint.

the best brush for chalk paint

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The Best Brush for Chalk Paint

Features of a Good Chalk Paint Brush

I love all the paint brushes by Zibra when painting with chalk paint, but this brush is my favorite.


This brush is small, which means that it can fit in the smaller sample size jars of paint.

It also means that it can get in the nooks and crannies of trim details on furniture better than a large brush.

zibra square brush

Soft Bristles

The bristles are soft which minimizes ugly brush strokes. This also allows the paint to glide onto the wood easily.

Thin Bristles

Thin bristles also minimize brush strokes.

Flexible Bristles

Flexible bristles allow you to get in tiny area and inset panels easily. It’s easier to paint curves, spindles and other pretty details on furniture.

painting chalk paint on dresser

Shorter Handle

I love the round brush too, but the handle is so long that I hit it on stuff all the time. A short handle allows me to get in much smaller spaces. This is really important when painting something like a china cabinet or bookshelf.

Having chalk paint problems? Click to read this post about solutions to the most common problems when painting with chalk paint.

Chalk Paint FAQ’s

paint brushes

Can you apply chalk paint with a foam brush?

I would not recommend using a foam brush for anything except oil based stain or glue. You’re going to get weird bubbles and lines from using a cheap brush. Invest in a quality brush and you’ll never regret it.

Can you use a roller with chalk paint?

Rollers can be used with thick paint to minimize brush strokes, but be aware that rollers leave a slightly bumpy texture.

Rollers also use a lot more paint and since chalk paint is pricy, I try to minimize my waste.

However, rolling chalk paint can be a good option if you bought a cheap brand that shows brush strokes. I’ve had to do that before.

How do you get a smooth finish with chalk paint?

Using quality chalk paint allows you to get a smooth finish. Start with a clean, smooth surface. Apply several thin coats of paint for a smooth finish. Use a good paint brush to avoid brush strokes.

Do I have to use wax with chalk paint?

No, you can use polycrylic instead of wax. Polycrylic will dry harder and doesn’t need to be touched up. It’s easy to apply and easy to clean up.

Click to read an in-depth post on how to use polycrylic without streaks.

Do you sand between chalk paint coats?

I’ve never sanded between chalk paint coats. I apply thin coats, so sanding would remove too much paint.

I only sand if the paint cracks or some other mistake happens.

Do you have to distress chalk paint?

No. Although chalk paint is super easy to distress, it’s not necessary to distress chalk paint. Leave it in tact for a more modern look.

The Best Chalk Paint Brush

Let me know if you try the zibra square brush and love it!

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