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March Big Happy Planner Stickers

March is my favorite month. It’s probably because it’s my birthday month. Or because warmer weather will come soon. I’m so ready to sit by the pool with a mimosa. I love the start of a new month because it’s time to plan a new month. This could be THE MONTH! You know, the one where you actually get everything done that I want to do. It could happen.

Anyways, I’ve made more printable stickers for March for the Big Happy Planner. There are 3 pages of them this time. To make them into stickers, you can either print them on sticker paper or regular paper and run them through a sticker maker. Or you could just tape or glue them in place. That would work too. I made these with my sticker maker, which I’m still loving.

Click here for free printable stickers that fit the Big Happy Planner.

Click here to download the March Happy Planner Stickers

March Big Happy Planner Stickers

I tried to keep these a little more versatile, so there are a lot of simple shapes that can be used for many different purposes. I like these stickers even better than the last ones! I also skipped the ones that say the month and days of the week. They’re kind of a pain to put on every single day.

When planning my month out, I find that I like to see every thing at once, so I love the monthly view. I can see when we have appointments and when my kids have days out of school. As the month goes on, this page gets pretty full. It already looks different.

The weekly views are then split more into daily to-do lists. I find that the more I use a planner, the more I refine the way I use it.

Aqua and green March Big Happy Planner Stickers free for you to print at home. Make your planner pretty with free stickers!

I love how well the sticker colors work with this Happy Planner. These colors are so pretty together.

If you like my stickers and use them, tag me on instagram! I would love to see them in action. And I’ll definitely re-gram you! 🙂

2 thoughts on “March Big Happy Planner Stickers

  1. Ooh my favorite colors! I don’t have a happy planner but it will be “happier” when I’ve added these!! I can put some in my BuJo too!

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