Free Printable Father’s Day Card

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Download a free printable Father’s Day card!

I posted this a few years ago, but somehow it never got it’s own post, so today is the day for it to get that! This card features a retro guitar, perfect for the dad who rocks or just thinks he does.

Insert a gift card to your dad’s favorite store for an instant gift that your dad will love!

Father's Day card for Dad

Printable Father’s Day Card

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Printable Father's Day card featuring retro guitar image.

For best results, print scaled to 100%.

This card prints on a standard size of paper and has registration marks for you to fold and cut it to a 7″x5″ card size. Use scissors or a paper cutter. Print on white cardstock for a thicker card.

Use with A7 card envelopes or make your own envelopes.

Check out this post on how to make your own card envelope. Use printed paper for a fun envelope style! Or embellish with washi tape.

Download Father’s Day Card

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Father’s Day Card


Envelope Template Download

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Download a printable card for Father's Day featuring a guitar.

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