One Room Challenge: Week 3 Shopping

It’s the 3rd week of the One Room Challenge. I don’t have a lot to show for it. Not because I haven’t been working my butt off, but because the work doesn’t translate in photos. It’s hard to see clear caulk or paint touch ups or very thin trim that was added to cap off the shiplap. The window was also painted, the threshold installed and the door replaced. I also figured out how to clean the hard water stains! All I can really share today are my fun shopping finds.


Catch up:

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The bathroom still looks a lot like this, but with very minor changes. But it’s back to being usable! It even has a door again! I’ve kicked the kids out of my bathroom, which makes me so happy. So does that green shiplap!

To recap, I’ve joined Linda in the One Room Challenge as a linking participant. My goal is to makeover my main floor bathroom into a Camp Wandawega/ Moonrise Kingdom inspired space in 6 weeks.

orc bathroom shopping

The shower curtain came right as I was walking out the door for the day and I’m so in love with it. It looks so good against the green shiplap. I love the details so much.


The coral stencil also came in the mail today. Sadly, I won’t be able to work on it until this weekend. I’m going to use very subtle paint for it. The stencil is very large, so it should go pretty fast. Plus, it’s not my first stencil!

orc bathroom shopping

And these lovely light switch plates will be coming home with me. Look at that bunny! He’s adorable. Why aren’t more companies making amazing light switch plates?

There’s still so much to do:

  • Stencil the walls
  • Rehang the mirror
  • Rehang the hardware
  • Make pipe shelves (supplies bought)
  • Art
  • Style
  • Shopping for towels and accessories
  • Buy and hang bamboo blind

Be sure to check out Linda at Calling it Home, the featured designers and the other 200+ linking participants.

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    • Haha. They are so lovely. We fell down a rabbit hole (pun intended) looking for cool light fixtures. Amazon has a naked lady one. My son was mortified. He told me that if I bought it, he would never turn on the light ever again. Which means, he’s getting it for Christmas. 😉

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