My Favorite Podcasts that I Listen to While I DIY

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Do you ever have a really tedious DIY project to do and wish something would make it enjoyable? You should try listening to podcasts! Podcasts are great for listening to while doing DIY projects that do not require a ton of thought. Painting is one of those, especially hard jobs like painting bookcases.

Recently, I’ve also started listening to them while doing stuff that I hate, like laundry and dishes. If podcasts can make me look forward to hours of endless painting, maybe laundry will become bearable. I’m a bit of a podcast junkie.



Note: I tend to like the creepier podcasts. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a house that was a bit haunted and I currently live in a house that I would also describe as “slightly haunted.” I love a good scary story. Not all of them are creepy though. I’ve included my thoughts on whether or not they are kid appropriate, since my kids are often working along side me. My kids are older, so use your judgement. 

My favorite podcasts

  • Serial. Of course! Can you call yourself a podcast fan and not be a Sarah Koenig fangirl? I love Serial. The storytelling is just so good. Season 1 was my favorite. I’m not as in love with Season 2, but it’s only because I am unable to sympathize with the main character. Every other Thursday is still my favorite day of the week. (New episodes. There’s one today!) Not good to listen to with kids around.
  • Undisclosed. After finishing Serial, season 1, I wanted more. Undisclosed gave much more. It’s an in-depth look at the case of Adnan Syed. This podcast also taught me a ton of stuff about the law. These are not appropriate for children to hear. The murder details are a bit grisly. (There are actually a lot of podcasts about Serial. I’m not going to lie, I listen to most of them.)podcasts
  • The Black Tapes and Tanis. I combined these 2, because they’re by the same people. It looks like they have a new podcast about a true crime story coming soon! The Black Tapes took me a while to like, because it’s fiction trying to sound realistic. Its about a podcaster who is trying to solve mysterious black tapes that are unexplainable. Some episodes are better than others. A few are extremely creepy, as most are about demons. Tanis is about a legendary place that people seek to find immortality. I found it very disappointing that Nick doesn’t look like Dave Foley…. I don’t listen to these around my children.
  • Mystery Show. There are only 6 of these episodes and I wanted to cry when I finished them. I really hope this one returns soon. I love this podcast because it’s lighthearted and funny. It’s about a lady who solves very mundane mysteries, but in a very funny way. Like how tall is Jake Gyllenhal? I didn’t listen to these with my kids around, but they’re probably fine.
  • Limetown. This is another fictional story that tries to sound real. It’s interesting though. It’s about a reporter who is trying to find out what happened to the inhabitants of the Limetown who all disappeared. It might be a bit too creepy for kids.
  • Welcome to Night Vale. This is my favorite podcast. I listen to this with my kids, who both love it. It’s a fake radio news show that tells the fake news of their fake town that is not quite right. It makes me laugh like crazy. And question things like dog parks. My son and I often quote it to each other, which thoroughly confuses everyone around us. If you like weird stories, you’ll love Night Vale.
  • Criminal. This show is short stories about weird crimes. It’s pretty entertaining and light for the most part. I like the host a lot. These are good for when you have half an hour to kill. Most of the episodes are probably okay for kids, but I don’t think mine would like them.
  • Astonishing Legends. This is one of my favorites. It’s ghost stories and legends. A few episodes are about Amelia Earheart which was fascinating and educational. Other episodes are their friends telling about their ghost encounters. It’s good stuff. I’m not sure that I would listen with kids around. Mainly because I don’t think my kids would enjoy them, though.
  • Lore. These are short stories by author, Aaron Mahnke. These are the back stories about things like werewolves and vampires. They’re educational and fun to listen to. A few are really creepy. I would pre-listen to these before I let my kids hear them. Some are too scary. I recently bought one of his books, so I’ll update this once I’ve read it.
  • No Sleep Podcast. These are scary stories from Reddit. I liked the Christmas episodes a lot. Obviously not for kids.

New additions to my list: (Most not okay for kids.)

  • Gilmore Guys. I love this podcast so much. I loved Gilmore Girls so listening to 2 men talk about their favorite characters cracks me up. Don’t listen to in public because you will crack up laughing. Bonus fun: they freestyle rap. Another bonus: there are *hundreds* of episodes to listen to. Binge as much as you want!
  • Babysitter’s Club Club. Another lighthearted, fun podcast. I read about 10 of these books as a kid, so I know just enough for these to be funny. It’s incredibly amusing listening to 2 men talk about 12 year old girls.
  • Lizard People. Do you love conspiracies? Bad ones? This show is for you.
  • Alice Isn’t Dead. Whoa. This show is amazing. It’s weird and beautiful and has made me cry. It’s a fictional story of a woman who is trying to find her supposedly dead wife. By the makers of Welcome to Nightvale.
  • The Worst Bestsellers. I love reading and I’ve read a ton of horrible books. The hosts talk crap about bad books that are popular, but also recommend better books.
  • My Dad Wrote a Porno. Just as awful and awkward as it sounds. It made me cry because I was laughing so hard.

Do you have a favorite podcast?



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