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It’s the happiest time of the year! The halls are officially decked at Casa de Semigloss! I’ve joined up with some ladies to share our holiday homes, so get ready for a ton of holiday inspiration!

My original plans fell apart after selling some furniture on craigslist and being left with an empty room. So I have to move on Plan B, which might be even better. Looks like Christmas will be in the sunroom this year!

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In case you’re new here, I’m Emy and I live in central Maryland with my husband, son, daughter and crazy dog. We’ve been in our home for 3 years and are working on making it our dream home. Since our last fall tour, we replaced the front door. It was finally warm enough to paint it this week, so hooray for a new yellow door!

In the spring, I made over my sunroom for the One Room Challenge. It’s obviously great in the summer, but in the winter, it’s pretty special too. It’s a very tropical room which is the perfect antidote to our cold winters. 😉 (I’m sure that if you’re from somewhere colder, you’re laughing at me. This is the coldest place I have every lived.)

Mushroom wreath | How to paint a door | Plaid Doormat

This has always been my favorite room to sit in while it’s snowing. The large windows and doors on 3 sides allow us to have an amazing view of our forest. Now imagine those views with a fruity drink in hand. Sounds like perfection to me! The plants are a bit out of control in here at the moment. Most of them normally live outside. 

There’s no mantle in here, but the bar works just as well.

It’s also a handy spot to leave milk and cookies for Santa. Although, I have it on good authority that Santa prefers cabernet and dark chocolate… (My daughter made me this plate when she was a wee one.)

Bottle brush trees

I had to decorate the tree by myself and I felt so sad about it. Normally, we let the kids do it, but we ran out of time. I only partially decorated it for now. In a few days, it will be filled with paper and popsicle stick delights that the kids have made.

Hand painted floral ornament

I had a lot of fun sprinkling Christmas decor into this room.


We picked up this electric heater last year on clearance. It keeps the room warm enough to use, even on cold days.

The table is set for dinner. I picked up 2 macrame placemats to use as a runner. To be honest, they’re a bit wide for the plates, but I like it well enough for now.

I kept the display nice and low. Just a bowl of ornaments and some bottle brush trees flanked with candlesticks.

I used my old turquoise plates instead of my normal white dishes.

Agate napkin rings | Ticking napkins

I bought these coasters last year from Home Goods. Love them!

The kitchen is about to get a mini makeover, so I didn’t bother getting a whole shot of it. We’ve slowly been finishing our pantry cabinet and the aqua cabinets will be repainted.

I have secret plans to rip down a few cabinets too. Just in time for holiday baking!

Isn’t this tea towel the cutest? I’ll have to threaten my husband not to actually use it. 😉

I love switching out my bowls to match the season. All those years of hoarding pyrex and fireking paid off!

Vintage aprons are ready to be donned for our cookie making extravaganza. I’m equal parts nervous and excited because it’s my first Christmas gluten-free, so what if I can’t make my favorites anymore?

Hope you enjoyed the tour! Be sure to check out the other Christmas tours for lots of decorating inspiration.

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12 thoughts on “Holiday Home Tour 2017 | Semigloss Design”

  1. Emy your house is always one of my favorites, all the bright colors just make me smile inside and out. I just love your tree, those super cool stockings, and those cute reindeer plates, too funny. Thanks for being a part of the home tour, and Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Emy! You are a girl after my own color loving heart! I can’t get enough of all of the color you used to create such fun and unique holiday decor. I absolutely adore it all!! Beautiful job my friend!

  3. Oh my gosh, I just love the colors in your home Emy! That teal/blue color is one of my favorites. What a fun and cheery place to call home. Thank you for sharing with us!

  4. Emy, your home is so fun! I love all of the colorful decor and the vintage items have my vintage loving heart smiling!!! Your house looks like such a fun place to call home. Have a Merry Christmas!

  5. Your home is so bright and cheerful. Refreshing and made me smile the whole way thru! Especially love the handmade items, we are putting up another tree in the family room when our girls get home. We will decorate it with all the ornaments they made over the years and others that mark special moments in our family journey.


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