Best Friend Gifts: Gifts for Cold People

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These gifts for cold people make great best friend gifts for the people you love who hate winter. Waited until the last minute to shop? Check out my last-minute gift guide filled with creative ideas that can be bought without you leaving your house!

I’m kind of an expert at being cold. But I’m slowly finding ways to not be miserable in the winter. Do you have a friend who’s always cold? Show them you care with these thoughtful gifts for cold people.

Gifts for friends who are always cold

Gifts for Cold People

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I’m Still Cold Sweatshirt

This hoodie sweatshirt will keep them warm while telling the world exactly what they think of winter.

Fleece Lined Leggings

So, this is my secret to life in winter. I work in a mostly unheated barn and I swear by fleece leggings to keep warm. The secret is to wear a pair every day *under* your normal pants. You can borrow that life tip. And maybe wear them with warm socks and boots instead of high heels…

For men, these are a nice option.

Heating Pad

I use my heating pad for pain, but it also works to keep me warm. My kids steal it all the time in the winter.

Electric Blanket

In addition to the 4 blankets on my bed, I have this electric blanket as well. My house isn’t insulated very well, so it’s necessary on those really cold nights. Tip: Tell them to turn it on about 20 minutes before they get into bed so that the bed is already warm!

Coffee Mug

In the winter, I drink hot tea all day long. These mugs keep your beverage warm for hours. I have to keep buying them because my husband steals them.

I’m So Cold Hoodie

Another cute hoodie to keep warm in. Hoodies are the best. Plus, they have pockets!

Flannel Sheets

Flannel sheets keep your bed from being ice cold in the winter. Plus they retain the heat a little better.

Wool Socks

Wool socks are essential for cold toes and these are super cute! Plus, they’re sweat wicking so even if your feet get too hot, they won’t get wet and become colder.


In the winter, I spend a lot of time reading. This book is currently on my wish list. If you don’t know your friend’s taste in books, get them a gift card so that they can pick out their own. My kids love getting gift cards from their grandma so that they can buy all the books they want.

A Fun Craft Kit

This is a great gift for when they can’t leave the warmth of the blanket. I’m currently working on this cross-stitch kit. Pair it with embroidery floss, aida, and a hoop! Check out this post for even more craft kit options!

Fingerless Gloves

These fingerless gloves are perfect for typing in a cold room. I use mine all the time!

Garage Heater

Okay, so this gift is for the cold person who is also into woodworking or furniture painting. I swear by this heater for surviving winter and still being productive. We have the kerosene version because our electrical circuit in the garage is a bit wimpy, so the kerosene does most of the work. It’s loud and smelly, but it’s better than freezing or having to work in the house.

Pro-tip: Don’t buy the bottles of kerosene. Go to a gas station and put it in a blue gas can. It’s much cheaper. One can of kerosene gets us through most weekends. However, we’ve had some weekends in the single digits and it takes a can a day.


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  1. ok you missed one- i saw it and told my mom i was getting it for her… look up wireless hand warmers for keyboard typing on amazon- the ones i saw look like toast and are so cute!!!! i don’t want to leave a link to throw off your affiliate links so just check it out 🙂
    and you know i love that sweatshirt… cold as frost. 😉

    1. I saw those! They’re super cute. I wonder if they get in the way though. I have trouble typing in fingerless gloves.
      Cold as frost. 🙂

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