Creative work space plans for an unfinished basement

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After 2 years of living in this house, I’ve come to realize that I need a room of my own. I need to a room to make messes in and be creative, a room to spill paint in or deconstruct chairs in. To be fair, I have a space above the garage, but the lack of insulation makes it pretty unusable. But, I do have an area in the basement that is unused. It’s on the side that isn’t finished and a little bit scary. It’s where I set up a temporary work area for the dollhouse. I have started using my sewing machine more and I even got my serger out to use. So, I’m planning out my creative work space.

Right now, I’m thinking of simple, inexpensive changes to make it a useful work space. I want to use a lot of what I already own, plus a few storage pieces. I would like it to be a nice blank slate, because fabric and paint will add a lot of color to the space. Once I declutter a bit and clean stuff up, I’ll share less scary “before” pictures. For now, just imagine a typical unfinished basement with boxes of stuff, buckets of paint, and leftover drywall sheets. It’s open to the laundry room, but I might section it off to get more “wall space.”




My Creative Work Space Plans


  • Beadboard ceilings. It’s inexpensive and can be removed easily if necessary. It’s always scary to close up access to pipes and ducts. Plus drywall dust is gross.
  • Magnetic chalkboard. I like the idea of magnets for inspiration pictures. And chalk to jot down ideas. I’ll probably make one. Maybe I can find a pretty frame to use. My walls are painted white cinder block, so I need stuff to cover the ugly.
  • I heard about this light that plugs into a regular fixture to add more light. The basement has 2 bare bulb lights in it, so it can use all the help it can get. It’s much cheaper than wiring for more lights!
  • My friend has 2 perfectly chippy garden gates that she’s getting rid of that I told her I would take. These will also be great for inspiration boards/holding fabric samples, etc.
  • This light from IKEA is so cute and the color is so perfect. I can never get enough light in the basement!
  • We already have one of these drawer units and it is so great for storing smaller items.
  • I really need an aqua Raskog cart for sewing machine supplies and paint. Maybe I need 2….
  • I’m going to use our old dining table as a work area. It’s a nice large size, big enough to house both a sewing machine and a serger, plus plenty of room for cutting and other work.
  • The floor in the basement is concrete right now, so I bought a vinyl floor remnant that I’m going to paint to act as a “rug”. I had so much fun with my bathroom that I’m dying to paint more vinyl! It’s going to be buffalo check patterned.
  • I want a work chair that I’ll be able to spend long hours in. Sewing is pretty taxing on my back, so a good comfy chair should help. I’m either going to find a simple parson’s style chair on craigslist or buy a bare chair from IKEA and make a slipcover for it.
  • I need storage space for fabric and supplies. Shelves are needed. I’m not sure if I will purchase this one from IKEA or another one from Lowes (we already have one.)


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